The Incredibly Great Revolutionary iPhone 5

After nearly one year with my Nokia Lumia 800, I decided to go over to the dark side; buy the new iPhone 5. Even though I liked the user interface on the Windows Phone platform, the phone was easy to use, there was still small details with the phone that did not make it fit for my use. Multitasking was not implemented good enough. Applications always had to start up from beginning when I tapped their shortcut or tile on the start screen. Even though the OS itself was fast and snappy, the 3rd party apps (some of Microsoft as well) had tons of bugs and had incredibly poor performance (Spotify and Facebook, just to mention a few). This made me switch over to the iPhone 5. I was already happy with the app support on my iPad, so I assumed I would get the same experience on my new iPhone.

Even though many consumers finds the iPhone 5 "The perfect phone", there is still room for improvements. iOS is a fast, smooth OS with a huge app store. Bugs are rarely seen and multitasking works perfectly. 

One thing that keeps annoying me is the amount of icons on the screen. Several times I have looked on my screen and I have to dive into a sea of icons in order to find the app I want to use. This is where the Windows Phone OS was far better at where there was large tiles that made it far easier to find apps. 

The user interface itself is quite old on iOS. It had not been through much change since the first iPhone release in 2007. The gray non customizable user-interface made it feel a bit like going back in time from Windows Phone to iOS. 

Spotify was perhaps the application I used most on my Windows Phone that was one entire nightmare. Even if it where able to play tracks, it was often slow at starting, crashed often and settings started resetting making my data-plan vanish in the beginning of the month. All the bugs on the app made it feel even worse than the beta release of Windows Vista on an old computer.

Im not a person who use my phone for games. In fact, my phone does not even have one single game installed. It is more a device I use to check out social networks, listen to music and read the news. Even if the iPhone got better app support and is better than the Windows Phone in some areas, there are still features I miss from the Windows Phone. 

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